In the UK a burglary occurs once every 40 seconds.

As SSAIB accredited Installers, we design an intruder system around you and your property that meets the current UK Standards so it provides the security you require throughout your home or business.

Using devices such as Infrared movement detection, magnetic door contacts and shock detection. Our system will activate an audible warning internally and externally, alerting neighbouring properties and disturbing the intruder. 

We use quality equipment made by Texecom one of the best in the market.

We can also connect your system to EMCS, an NSI approved remote monitoring station.


If you are looking to install CCTV in your business or home, we have the perfect solution.

Our team fit professional high quality equipment  supplied by HikVision, a leading supplier of CCTV products.

Often perimeter protection is the first line in the defence to detect intruders.  From simple home boundary systems to extensive farm and industrial site protection, our perimeter systems can avoid the cost of break-in by deterring intruder before they reach your site.

As SSAIB installers we pride ourselves on a quality installation.  We are also the only accredited installers of Detector Activated CCTV systems within a 40 mile radius.


Advances in technology means it’s more challenging to understand and purchase the right solution.

We will help you to navigate many of the hardware and software providers to ensure our solution fully meets your needs safely, conveniently and cost effectively.


Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in.

For sites with high value stock, we install SmokeCloak. This high pressured system fills a room with an impenetrable cloud of fog forcing intruders to leave the premises.